How To Rapidly Enhance A New Or Existing Practice

How To Rapidly Enhance A New Or Existing Practice

How To Rapidly Enhance A New Or Existing Practice How To Rapidly Enhance A New Or Existing Practice





ONE WEEKEND ON MERSEA....March, April or May 2020


Become A Vitali-Chi Practitioner In Just One Weekend

You can choose to qualify as Level 1 or Level 2, the choice is yours. You can also become a Vitali-Chi Relax Leader on the 4th day (optional).


Choose from 1, 2, 3 or 4 days. Spaces still available on the following weekends:

  • MARCH 27th - 30th
  • APRIL 24th – 27th,
  • MAY 29th – JUNE 1st

Register For Your Early Bird Tickets and Save £££!

Yes, simply book your early bird tickets 21 days before the start and save £100 to £295 off each workshop! Save even more when you bundle.

Intimate Learning

Not only is this a great chance to get 'up close and personal' with practicing therapists of over 30 years experience, but you will also get to share with other attendees. Tears are usually shed and lifelong friendships are normally formed. These are no ordinary workshops!

Grow Your Practice

Whether you're just starting out or already have a practice, this is a significant opportunity to boost your earnings and widen your offering to your client base. Positive word of mouth will also quickly travel about your new found services...

Beautiful Mersea

The workshops are held on beautiful Mersea Island. As a popular tourist destination there are plenty of accommodation options on the island and we will help choose the one that is just right for your needs. For those travelling from further afield, we will also pick you up from Stansted Airport or Colchester Train Station. If you don't fancy travelling, our workshops are also available online (attendees also get access for revision purposes).

Vitali-Chi & The Energy System That Connects Us All

On Friday, learn all about the body's energy system and how to use Vitali-Chi to harness that energy, to help heal yourself (and others). At the end of the day you will be a Qualified Vitali-Chi Energy & Wellbeing Practitioner, Level 1, ready to treat a number of problems, with your clients self selecting their treatment .

On Saturday + Sunday, we then get into a lot more detail, exploring the root cause of how disease is made and importantly, how to help heal those maladies. At the end of Sunday you will be well on your way to treating more advanced cases. Following on from Sunday some home study is required before becoming a Qualified Vitali-Chi Practitioner Level 2, where you will be choosing the treatment for the client.

Monday is reserved for new Relax Leaders, who will learn how to lead our unique relaxation groups. At the end of the day, you will be a Qualified Vitali-Chi Relax Leader, ready to start leading groups in your area

LEVEL 1 (Friday)

This the same material as the online course, but we take you through it physically every step of the way and obviously, you get to ask any questions as you go. You will also receive your very own Vitali-Chi Boost system, along with the Wellbeing Package and an Ambassador & Party Plan Package. (Vitali-Chi Wellbeing Parties are a great way of promoting your practice as well as earning you commissions and customers for life. Also, the total value of the packages easily exceed the cost of the day so the training is effectively free of charge).

LEVEL 1 Syllabus

 A Full 1 Day 0900 – 1800 hrs

By the end of the course you will: 

  • Understand how we are connected to a field of energy – from a molecule to a galaxy
  • Understand the Human Energy System and how it all works
  • Understand the principle of  chi, the meridians, chakras and aura
  • Learn how to see an aura
  • Understand the science of  acupuncture
  • Learn how meditation can change the brain and all about brain waves
  • Learn how sound is used as a  medicine
  • Learn about frequencies and vibrational medicine
  • Learn all about copper, square  waves, homeopathy, peptides and the endocrine system
  • Learn what the Vitali-Chi Energy & Wellbeing System is and how it works
  • Learn how Vitali-Chi is so effective in the treatment of clients
  • Learn how to set up Vitali-Chi
  • Learn how to run a wellbeing  appointment in a clinical setting
  • Practice setting up Vitali-Chi and demonstrate giving an appointment
  • Learn how to support your client in between treatments
  • Learn all about Vital-Chi AromaFrequencies and other vibrational products
  • Learn how to market yourself
  • Learn how to run a Wellbeing Party and promote your new business 

LEVEL 2 (Saturday and Sunday)

This is a lot more detailed and you can view or download the complete syllabus below or read a briefer summary of the learning outcomes below the link.

LEVEL 2 Syllabus - View or Download


An Intensive 2 Days:

By the end of the course you will: 

  • Appreciate how disease is  created 
  • Understand the process of  cell degeneration to regeneration  
  • Have a deeper understanding of how to release and heal cellular memory 
  • Understand the significance  of Bio Photons, brain waves, square and sine waves, sources of toxic  disturbance, hormones, epigenetics, food allergy, intolerance and  sensitivity 
  • Understand the mind and emotions, unmet needs, stress, diet, water, exercise, breathing, ions and sleep in relation to healing 
  • Appreciate the importance of vibrational healing with the use of vibrational frequencies  
  • Appreciate the body’s energy  system and how it works 
  • Appreciate the systems of the body and how they work 
  • Have an understanding of the  direction of cure and emotional detoxification
  • Understand the science behind Vitali-Chi 
  • Understand how to use Vitali-Chi in clinical practice 
  • Be able to use Vitali-Chi and vibrational frequencies on family and friends 
  • Be able to use Vitali-Chi  and vibrational frequencies on clients, subject to obtaining Level 2 Certification and Practitioner Insurance (after completion of case  studies, testimonials and multiple choice questions). 
  • Receive 60 frequencies to assist treating common maladies and emotions – Value £480.00
  • Receive the Chakra Balancing Package (with training) – Value £495.00
  • Receive an Ambassador &  Party Plan Package FREE – Value £99.50  



A Pioneering Day

By the end of the Monday you will: 

  • Understand fully the benefits of meditation and relaxation
  • Understand the physiological changes that occur in the brain and body when truly relaxed
  • Learned how Vitali-Chi Relax can be used in schools, clubs, village halls, companies and the like.
  • Have experienced a typical session
  • Have led a typical session
  • Have the knowledge and confidence to market your new business
  • Understand the science behind Vitali-Chi 
  • Receive the complete kit, enough for 10 participants, along with all that you need to get started including web-site etc. More Info here.
  • Receive an Ambassador &  Party Plan Package FREE – Value £99.50  


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