How To Rapidly Enhance A New Or Existing Practice

How To Rapidly Enhance A New Or Existing Practice

How To Rapidly Enhance A New Or Existing Practice How To Rapidly Enhance A New Or Existing Practice

Why Should I LEARN Vitali-Chi?

Because Vitali-Chi is literally a life changer, for you and your clients. You can train online, or spend 1, 3 or 4 days with us, in small intimate groups, and really take your practice (or salon) to the next level. Even if you're just starting out, we've got you covered. 

We will help you every step of the way.


Become a Level 1 Vitali-Chi Practioner - 1 day online or physical

Then become a Level 2 Vitali-Chi Practioner - 2 days physical

And or become a Vitali-Chi Relax Leader - 1 day physical

As a  Vitali-Chi Practioner you will use Vitali-Chi Boost,   which  can be used to treat many symptoms of the mind and body.  Based on the ancient healing principle of acupuncture but without the needles,  it is non-invasive. Your clients  just lay back and relax on Vitali-Chi Boost to feel revitalised. It is also superbly relaxing for you and your clients as it is re-energising, de-stressing and healing, all at the same time.  

This unique Energy & Wellbeing System induces the deeply relaxing Theta Brain Wave state which increases cell regeneration and encourages DNA to repair and heal. Very importantly it decreases the production of cortisol linked to ageing, stress, fatigue, inflammation and pain.


Full training is given and with Vitali-Chi in your practice, you will broaden your offering which will allow you to attract more clients. You also don't have to be in attendance so this one feature will create welcome breaks in your day.

Your word of mouth referrals will also increase dramatically and Vitali-Chi's unique top-to-toe product range enables genuine upsell opportunities that will assist your client’s wellbeing in between treatments. 

Importantly, this will complement your existing practices and therapies.


JOIN over 80 vitali-Chi Practitioners & Relax leaders...

I absolutely love Vitali-Chi

I absolutely love Vitali-Chi

I absolutely love Vitali-Chi


 “I absolutely love Vitali-Chi – it is one of my top therapies that I use – I would say nearly 50% of my clinic is now linked with Vital-Chi in some way and that is quite something – my clients love it and come back for more – they love the products and they love how the treatment makes them feel." 

Dawn Waterhouse

Vitali-Chi WORKS

I absolutely love Vitali-Chi

I absolutely love Vitali-Chi


My clients results are proving more and more that Vitali-Chi WORKS on a level that nothing else has for them. They are all amazed how their symptoms are literally disappearing. It truly is incredible. (Video here)

Sarah Jane Sexton 

....has clearly been thought about...

....has clearly been thought about...

....has clearly been thought about...


"Having received Vitali-Chi and recently qualified as a massage therapist, I was eager to start this course.  I have thoroughly enjoyed it! It was really interesting, the manuals are really useful to refer to and Jill is so soothing to listen to.  The course structure has clearly been thought about and a real pleasure to work through.  There is online support which I did use and the response time was quick." Tanya Davy

The course was very well planned...

....has clearly been thought about...

....has clearly been thought about...


 “I liked that it wasn’t too formal as it made me feel at ease. The  videos were very informative and it’s excellent that we are able to  watch them again. The course was very well planned. It has made me so  confident to open a practice.” ‘Jane’ 



Like we said, full training is given and our literally life changing courses are a distillation of Jill Jesson’s trainings and experiences, gained in over 30 years of holistic therapeutic practice, coupled with the Masterful knowledge that has been passed down to her, through over 30 worldwide trainings, including massage, healing and cosmetic product making, among many other disciplines. 

Our courses are concisely presented in easy to understand sections, with Jill taking and talking you through, every step of the way, online, 24/7/365 days of the year.

The range of material we cover is vast and did we mention? Life changing, so we promise; you will learn a lot and these new insights will improve your every day. You can get started for just £95 and if you do choose to go ahead with Vitali-Chi, the truly brilliant Energy & Wellbeing system, you can take your practice to a whole new level.  

Level 1 is also available to be taken in person, in small intimate groups. To become a Qualified Level 2 Vitali-Chi Practitioner, you will need to attend our 2 day workshop.

We also have opportunities for you to become a Vitali-Chi Relax leader, which includes a further training day, along with hands on support.



Let's Imagine - With Just Four New Clients A Month

Vitali-Chi will open up a world of possibilities for you and your clients. When you successfully treat them, they will tell their friends, some of whom will also become new clients. And so on. But how do you get those first clients? That's where the Vitali-Chi Marketing Plan comes in, along with your new advertising materials that are included in the package, along with your exclusive online access to the Vitali-Chi members area, which contains a multitude of videos and promos that you can  share on your social media. We'll also show you how to run low cost advertising campaigns that will bring in those all important new clients. But how much is all this going to cost? Less than you think...


But first let's start with your new revenue.....4 new clients per month @ £80 for 2 hours worth of appointments will bring in £320 per month of new revenue. There will be repeat appointments and upsells as well but for the purpose of this exercise, we will ignore those. So, you have £320 per month. If you've chosen the Level 1 + Wellbeing Package, for instance, that would have cost you £1090 , including VAT. So in just over 3 months you will have repaid your investment and from then on, all those extra appointments are just adding to your bottom line, with minimum additional ongoing costs.  Like we said, it's a very smart move...  

Online or Face to Face

We know that some people prefer to learn online, others like face to face contact. That's why we offer both choose, there's a patch that is just right for you...




Chakra Balancing


Your Vitali-Chi Boost 

and much, much more...



Chakra Balancing


All the products that you 

need to get started...


Chakra Balancing

Chakra Balancing

Chakra Balancing

With over 20 different 

treatment options...


AromaFrequency Massage

AromaFrequency Massage

AromaFrequency Massage

10 different massages, no pre-qualification required...


Weight Less

AromaFrequency Massage

AromaFrequency Massage

All the products and training 

for your new weight less service...


Skin Care Face

AromaFrequency Massage

Skin Care Face

All that you need to offer Vitali-Chi Facials. Full training given.


Skin Care Body

With various skin types and conditions catered for...full training given....



Level 1 - Stage 1

Level 1 - Stage 1

Level 1 - Stage 1

We take you on a comprehensive and exciting journey through the Human Energy System and beyond.


Level 1 - Stage 2

Level 1 - Stage 1

Level 1 - Stage 1

This part focuses on how you can use Vitali-Chi in your practice and also how to market your new found skills.


Ongoing Support

Level 1 - Stage 1

Ongoing Support

Wherever you are in the world, we will be here to help you, with user manuals, forums and unlimited passionate support.


It's Easy....

We have deliberately made it easy and pain free to become a Vitali-Chi Practitioner. You have 3 options and each has been designed to suit in terms of your time, preference and budget. As always, our unyielding support is available so if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch.


Get Started For Just £95

 Yes, it's true, you can get your training started for just £95. Online, and at your own pace. you will be taken on a journey from the very, very small, to the very, very big and  all points in between. Importantly, you will learn about the energy system that unites us all and how Vitali-Chi taps into that exact same system to help heal your clients. Once you have completed Stage 1 you will then have the choice as to whether you want to continue on and become a fully qualified Vitali-Chi Practitioner. 


Buy a Starter Package + 1 Other Package

You can save a minimum of £95 by buying a Starter Package with another package. Save even more when you buy more packages. What's more, you will get instant access to the training, along with all the products, equipment and advertising materials, so you really can get started straight away.


Let's Get Physical

We know from experience that not everyone wants to learn online. That's why every quarter we hold a one day training session at our Mersea HQ (CO5 8NE)., where we take you through Stages 1 & 2, along with the practical demonstrations so that the attendees, under supervision, can practice on each other. In short, the physical workshop equates to the Starter and Wellbeing and Chakra Balancing Packages, so you will have all you need to get started.

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